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Knowing how to drive boosts your confidence


Certified Driving Instructor Essendon Field,Bundoora

We are specialized trained professional instructors

Amaan Driving Lessons : Learn Car Driving in Bundoora,Broadmeadows,Coolaroo,South Morang

Driving is a skill that you master with practice and Amaan Driving School aims to fulfill that. We deliver driving Lessons in suburbs near Carlton North, Broadmeadows, Essendon Fields, Coolaroo, Deer Park, Bundoora and South Morang and we do take drive test bookings in the above suburbs VicRoads.

Amaanuddin Mohammed believes in the motto – Be Alert to Drive Safe! It is one of a kind car driving training school, as it provides tailored lessons to suit a person’s ability, skills, needs and time goal.

Amaan Driving School
Amaan Driving School

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The Learner Course / Services comprise of

Professional yet friendly Driving Lessons

Driving Test preparation

Overseas License Conversion

Driving Skills

Refresher driving lessons

Renting a Car for Driving Test

Amaan Driving School
Packages A For 1 Hour
Packages A For 1 Hour
  • Pack 5H : 5 Lessons X 1 Hour - $290
  • Pack 10H : 10 Lessons X 1 Hour - $560
  • Pack 15H : 15 Lessons X 1 Hour - $820


Why Choose Us?

Our service is client friendly. We allow pick-up and drop service for the ‘Learn Car Driving’ lessons that we provide. We provide trained and certified driving instructors as we value your safety. We even have a service that allows you to rent a car for drive test after the lessons are over. We pride in extending the best driving course in town at an affordable price. This is not it; we also boast of

Well mainted vehicles for practice

Flexible timings to suit every need

Certified by AITAC

Licensed and Authorised by TSC & CPVV

Comprehensive Insured

Amaan Driving School

Dual Control automated vehicles

Reliable services at low cost

Dedicated support

Personal Trainer with knowledge about VicRoads

Safety Driving

Amaan Driving School
Amaan Driving School

Why Learn Driving

Driving is an art. It is a passion for some. We help you master this art by giving you training lessons one on one. Knowing how to drive boosts your confidence and gives you a feeling of ‘charge’. It makes you independent and allows you to travel on your own. It also saves a lot of time and money that is spent on public transport. Driving your own vehicle has perks of its own. You may even think that learning from a relative might be light on your pocket, but beware! Driving classes not only train you; keeping in mind your safety, but also teach you the little details of driving, traffic rules and road signs.If you want to learn this lifelong skill or wish to choose driving as your career option then Amaan Driving School is the place for you. Come and enroll with us, we will help you achieve your Freedom.

Our Mission

We, at Amaan Driving School understand that every client we come across has individual challenges and skills. With our professional drivers on board, who use highly effective techniques to deliver lessons in a friendly manner to our clients; we give you the best of learning how to drive.

Our sole mission is to help you master this skill and to make you pass the driving test in your first attempt itself. We support safe driving and even teach our clients to respond diligently while driving on road.

Whether you are new to driving or want to polish your skills or a nervous driver on roads, we are here to train you.

Our Pricing & packages

Casual Booking
  • 60 Minutes = $60
  • 90 Minutes = $80
  • Warm up Lesson + Drive Test = $200
1 Hour Packages
  • Pack 5H: 5 Lessons X 1 Hour $290
  • Pack 10H: 10 Lessons X 1 Hour $560
  • Pack 15H: 15 Lessons X 1 Hour $820

Test Pack

  • Carlton VicRoads
  • AU$250
  • Broadmeadows VicRoads
  • AU$200
  • Bundoora VicRoads
  • AU$220
  • Sunbury VicRoads
  • AU$220
  • Coolaroo VicRoads
  • AU$200
  • Deer Park VicRoads
  • AU$200

Note: Pickup and Dropoff within the 5Km radius of CBD (city) may be charged extra $10 and All the Test packs are included with an 1Hr Lesson before the Test and Pickup and Dropoff at the respective VicRoads. For Pickup and Dropoff from home or other than Vicroads may be charged extra $15.

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