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Amaan Driving School

5 Stage Learning

Road Map to full License

Amaan Driving School aims to make our students, a Confident & Safer driver on road. We deliver 5 stages of learning similar to that of ‘Graduated Licensing System’ in which student get skills to drive and get your license. We tailor our lessons to suit your abilities, skills, needs and personal Goal. We will get the best advice and solutions step by step in each lesson. We ensure our students learn Safe driving techniques and hence Safe driving Habits.

The stages of learning how to drive can be quite daunting for some but at Amaan driving school we are here to build your confidence and help you feel more relaxed behind the wheel. We teach nervous drivers with no experience to the elderly or people who require refresher lessons.

There are 5 stages of learning and We tailor each stage towards the individual learner based on their experience.

Amaan Driving School

Stage 1: Car Controls:

This is the shortest stage but is essential in aiming to get you familiar with the controls of the car before you start the drive. We cover accelerator, breaks, mirrors, indicators, horn, headlights, hazard lights, transmission, windscreen washer, wipers, front and rear windscreen demister and all other controls of the car.

Amaan Driving School

Stage 2: Basic drives:

Putting it into practice. Controlling the car and looking out for other road users on quite roads with little traffic while using your stage 1 skills to control the car. Learning Start’s, Stop’s, Turns, Round Abouts, observation, signal use, following distance, lateral position, Stop position and Sign boards. In this stage driving is done on Streets of Speed Limit less than 40km/h Zone.

Amaan Driving School

Stage 3: Complex driving:

This stage takes longer and uses your Stage 1 and Stage 2 skills on busier roads and in more difficult driving situations. Learning to observe road signals and hazards, practicing to keep safe breaking distance, speed choice, learning simple parking techniques, keeping a safe distance between other road users, remembering to check your mirrors, lane changing, merging with other traffic, driving on straight and curved roads, 3-point turns. Driving is done in the zones with speed limit less than or equal to 60km/h and unto 3 lanes.

Amaan Driving School

Stage 4: Experience driving:

Building up your log book hours. The more practice and experience lead to better skills. The aim is to build up lots of difference experiences where you act like a solo driver but under the supervision of a driving instructor. More experience with driving on the freeway, night driving, driving in the rain, driving in Sunny Mornings and Evenings. Learning reverse parallel parking. By the end of this stage you will learn to become a safer driver in varied driving situations.

Amaan Driving School

Stage 5: Rehearsing Solo driving:

In this stage you learn safe driving by managing the distractions without much involvement of instructor / Supervisor. At Amaan Driving School we take special consideration whether we recommend you are ready for your driving test. We believe in safety first and the safety of other road users so this decision is not taken lightly. The point to remember is that you wouldn’t be taking your practical driving test unless we didn’t think you are ready. We shall recommend you to book your drive test after we believe you will be a safe driver on the road. Remember it is only natural to be affected by driving test nerves on the day. The first thing to remember is that you are not alone. By this stage we will begin conducting mock driving tests to prepare you for the big day and score you based on the real Vic Roads test focussing more on most common mistakes. Driving test nerves affect the majority of learner drivers, the overwhelming majority of whom will eventually go on to pass their driving test. A lot of our students also ask to have a driving lesson before their test to boost their confidence.

We are specialised in Test Routes of Driving Test in -

  • Bundoora VicRoads
  • South Morang VicRoads
  • Broadmeadows VicRoads
  • Coolaroo VicRoads
  • Essendon Fields VicRoads
  • Deer Park VicRoads
  • Carlton VicRoads
Amaan Driving School
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